Stamped Concrete Patios Maryland Offers
Design & Installation Versatility

Concrete patios created with either stamped concrete or pavers allow the indoor style and design elements of your home to flow seamlessly into your outdoor space.

Today, stamped concrete patios are gaining popularity as an essential backyard element and with more options now more than ever, they are attracting homeowners looking for a versatile outdoor space that adds considerable value to a property. In addition to the various design and installation options available with concrete patios, they are also extremely durable and low maintenance and, as a result, cost-effective.

Decorative concrete patios are ideal for both lounging and entertaining. In addition to allowing a home’s decor to flow seamlessly from its interior to exterior living spaces, they are the perfect flooring option for outdoor kitchens and living rooms. Given concrete patios’ versatility, any number of unique elements can be incorporated into the design including seating areas, water features and fireplaces. Our decorative concrete patios can also be enhanced by stains and dyes, and as a result can be color coordinated to match a home’s existing exterior or landscape. Concrete patios can also be stamped in varying textures and patterns to imitate other popular paving materials like brick, flagstone, slate or tile at a much lower cost.

Concrete Patios in Baltimore County, Maryland

Metrocrete serves Baltimore County, Maryland and the surrounding areas including Howard County, Carroll County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County and Montgomery County. Contact us today for more information about our design and installation options for concrete patios.

stamped concrete patios in Baltimore County MD

Stamped Concrete Patios: An Investment



Costs less than patio materials like brick or stone, and the install process is less labor intensive. Ideal for budget-conscious homeowners.



Wide range of design options make stamped concrete patios a fast and easy way to add value and curb appeal to residential properties.



Upgrading your outdoor spaces with decorative concrete patios provides years of enjoyment while improving the look of your landscape.

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